Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabulous Frames from Thrift Store Finds!

At Lydia's Birthday parties, I like to set out lots of pictures.  Each year I have done a birthday themed photoshoot prior to her birthday and then put those pictures on display at the party.  (You can see previous photoshoot pictures from the butterfly party here, from the Alice in Wonderland Tea party here, and some of the pictures for the Under the Sea party here.) I end up wanting several frames that also coordinate with the theme.  Buying new frames is getting expensive, so I set out to up-cycle some thrifted frames.
 I looked for ones with a wide decorative boarder, good glass and a back support so they can stand up on a table if needed.
 The dark frame in the back is a pricey one that I fell in love with.  But after finding the teal thrifted frame, I think that with a little paint and elbow grease, I can return the other one and keep my money.
 I used a simple paint and wipe technique that is one of my favorites for adding instant depth and dimension.  First I slapped on a quick coat of brown acrylic paint.  Work fast, you don't want the paint to dry!  When I say slap the paint on, I mean it.  Quick and thick is beast.
 Next, you either wash off the paint or rub off the paint.  I stuck it under the sink first and let the water do the work.  The other option is to use a barely damp sponge and wipe the paint off the surface.  The running water will take off more paint.  The almost dry sponge will only take it off the surface. 

 I did a variation of this technique on three frames.  A silver frame with purple paint, a gold frame with teal paint, and the teal frame with brown paint.  Generally I like to use paint in a color that is darker than the background of the object, so that it looks like it is darker in the crevices.
 That white frame in the top corner ended up being the the easiest of all the frames  reworked today and it is by far my favorite of them all.  I wanted a beachy feeling and had some sandpaper on hand for an activity at Lydia's "Under the Sea" birthday party.  Well, what is more beachy than sand and if it is in paper form, so much better!
 I cut a sheet of sandpaper to fit my frame.  This frame happened to have a decorative border around the glass, so I just trimmed right to that.  I just glued the sandpaper to the frame and it was time to decorate!
I already had a bunch of beachy feeling doodads lying out for decorations at the "Under the Sea Party".  I used some wired net gold ribbon that was on close out after Christmas one year.  I twisted in some teal and some thinner gold ribbon salvaged from a Christmas present.  I decided I liked the ribbons on the corner better than in the center top of the frame, but felt like I needed something to balance it out.  So I glued down 3 small starfish that I bought at Oriental Trading.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this frame.. almost as much as I love the little girl in the picture!

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