Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mission Trip Day 6

 Before we get to today, last night I managed to stay up late enough to watch the sunset.  Prior to watching the sunset, I spent a little time watching our kids climb on hay bales.  They had so much fun figuring out different ways to get onto these giant bales.   A considerable amount of teamwork was involved.
 The sky is so big and the sunset just filled it all.  After a while, I wondered back to where the wireless Internet was accessible and corrected a few issues on the Mission Trip Day 3 post.  If you want to see a slightly more coherent version with a few new pictures, check it out.
 Back to the build for day 6, we continued with the sheeting, covering the exterior with plywood.  Suddenly the house became a heat box, so we were relieved to have the door and window openings cut open.

It kept getting hotter into the afternoon (another heat index of almost 100), but today we got humidity as rain clouds rolled in.  We are still waiting to see the rain and are told that severe thunderstorms are forecast for this evening.  Wish us luck, as we haven't seen any freak weather since we first arrived.
 In an attempt to escape the heat, we stopped work at noon and went in search of water related activities.  We heard there was tubing in nearby Valentine, Nebraska.  There was, but it was too expensive.  We heard we could swim at a specific location in the river, but the river was running high and wide and too dangerous to swim in.  Finally we were told about a different location for swimming. It turned out to be a waterfall that emptied into a vary small rocky creek.  So still no swimming, but the kids had a blast playing on and around the waterfall.
We even had an opportunity to drive past buffalo on the way home from our adventure..... that and we were fed "Casey's World Famous Eleven Cheese Mac and Cheese" for dinner and treated to a Lakota speaker after our meal.  A good night all around.  Tomorrow will be a busy last day before heading home Saturday.

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