Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eiffel Tower Paper Project

It has now been two weeks since the Four and Fabulous birthday party and I feel the need to finish up the posts from that event. Sorry about the delay, but I have a really adorable excuse!
When we last discussed the party, I was sharing the group games and mentioned these paper Eiffel Towers that I made. They turned out so well, that I wanted to share how I made them. I really think something similar could be done to make lots of other 3D paper sculptures.
 First, I selected an image of the Eiffel Tower. I opted to use the same image that I used in the invitation to the party. I decided how large I wanted my finished tower to be. When I inserted the picture into a word document, I adjusted the size to those dimensions. The image was now bigger than the page. Copy the image so that you can paste more later and the size will be correct. Now, select a section to crop the image to. You want a section that will fit on the page, but also a section that will easily line up and fit together with the other sections you are printing. 
 I ended up using the three horizontal dividing sections if the tower as edges to crop to. Once you have cropped the image, paste the original again and crop to the next section. 
Allow some overlap for glueing. I ended up with three pages, each containing a third of the picture. Print four of each page so you can make four sides to your tower. Glue the sections together to create the complete tower.
Once you have the four sides assembled, it is time to trim the tower. Cut two of the shapes close to the edge. Cut the other two with about an inch margin before he edge. Cut the inch margin into tabs as shown.
Fold the tabs and apply glue. Line up the matching parts of the picture and glue the tabbed side to the inside of the non-tabbed side.
Glue all four pieces together and you have a 3D paper replica of the Eiffel Tower.
I made these two towers from 24 sheets of card stock paper, printer ink, and glue. I used them as a game and as decorations. They were easy, inexpensive, and they looked MARVELOUS!


city said...

nice posting.thanks for sharing

Jenni's Whimsies said...

I forgot about Lydia's party until I ran across a pin on pinterest and recognized her pic :) Our school is doing a Paris theme eight grade formal. We may borrow some of your ideas.

Kriszta Vozar said...

This is very-very cool!
I can get the Eiffel tower template?

Kristyn said...

Yes, do you have the template for the Eiffel Tower

vpfendler said...

Can you please post the template for the Eiffel Tower Standup?

V said...