Sunday, July 22, 2012

From Jeans to Wedding Dreams!

While I was off having a baby, the other Craft Wars contestants have been challenging each other to create something each week that is based on the previous episode of the show. I apparently decided I had something to prove in my first week crafting post baby. I chose to tackle the Master Craft challenge from last week's Altar or Falter episode: making wedding items from old jeans, invitations, baby blankets, and candle sticks.... Or as I chose to think of it "From Jeans to Wedding Dreams!"
Because I only had an hour and baby Joshua wasn't a very good replacement for the crafty assistant you get on the show, I settled on making one bouquet that utilized each of the four challenge materials.
I found a cheap glass candle holder and turned it upside down to create the handle for bouquet. This gave me a larger surface area to attach flowers to.
I used hot glue to attach a foam half ball as a base for the flowers. The paper doily under it helped keep the foam from showing through the bottom and gave a pretty edge to the bouquet.
I spray painted the invitations and cut them into heart shapes to act as petals.
By wrapping the hearts around a center piece, the invitation flower grew until I was happy with the size and shape.
For the denim flowers, I looked at several images and tutorials online. I settled on the following design because it was simple and fast. Of all the parts of this bouquet, I am the least excited about these. The denim was thick and no matter what I did with the paint, the blue affected the hue.
I cut four kidney shaped pieces, a round center, and some leaves.
Each kidney shape will become two petals. To add some texture, fold in half and see near the edge. Do this to all four pieces. When you open it up, lay the pieces across each other to create your flower. (sorry, no pictures, but I show more of this technique later with different fabric)
The leaves get sewn and gathered down the center. I also sprayed them green, but it was a light color so the blue is still visible.
Last should be something made of baby blankets, but my assistant Joshua cried and cried when I tried to cut up his blankets. Instead, I am up cycling one of Lydia's old skirts.
I cut up the skirt and made the same shapes as I did with the jeans. Below you can see 2 petal pieces overlapped and then all four glued together to make the flower.
And finally, here is the finished bouquet!
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Margot Potter's Tori Inspired Necklace

Also, Margot Potter is another local (Townsend) gal.  Let's all tune in and cheer her on TONIGHT, at a NEW earlier 8pm (PRIME TIME) time slot!  Go Team Potter!!!


amit said...

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Lisa said...

Omgosh, what a coooool idea!! Love the wedding flowers!! You're awesome!!

kellystar said...

still have a little bit of that "nesting instinct" going on? LOVE the bouquet...and congrats on the cute little snuggly boy too