Monday, April 9, 2012

"What is it Going to Bee?" Party Details

 Our "What Will it Bee" themed gender reveal was combined with our annual Easter dinner.  We served our usual Easter lunch, but with as many bee related foods as I could manage (honey-baked ham, honeyed carrots, honey lemon iced tea).  I used the bee themed paper products to make cute labels for all the food, but the real fun came with the sweets table. 
I set this display up in the living room, near the entry.  I made the sign using my Silhouette machine.
Here is a close up of the theme related sweets.  I got an assortment of yellow cookies with chocolate stripes.
The main thing that I crafted were these really cute edible bees.  I got the idea from Hostess with the Mostess via Pinterest.  They used black Jelly Beans and sliced almonds.  It looked cute, but sounded like it would taste awful!  Instead, I decided to use chocolate covered peanuts, for the same look, but an entirely more appetizing chocolate and nut taste.
First I laid out my ingredients.  I went ahead and matched up similar sized almonds for the wings.
I melted yellow colored chocolates in a plastic bag and cut a small opening in the corner so I could use it like a piping bag.  I piped stripes across a row of chocolate peanuts.
The only problem was that the yellow chocolate didn't curve under the chocolate covered peanut.
The solution was simply to lift the chocolate covered peanut so that the yellow chocolate would slump down under the round shape.  I waited for the stripes to cool and harden and then used a little blob of the melted chocolate to attach the almond "wings".
Here are some of the chocolate bees on the lemon bars I made.  I was SO happy with how well they fit the theme.  Speaking of which......
The sign that I made as a decoration also doubled as a tally board for guests to vote if they thought that the baby would be a boy or a girl.  Each guest wrote their name on a hexagon and then taped it under either the HE or the SHE column. As you can see, voting was tied.
After dinner, it was time for the big Easter egg hunt.  Everyone knew that the answer to the big question was hidden inside the eggs.  They didn't know if there was one egg or multiple eggs with the answer.
PJ and Lydia hunted for eggs.  Lydia didn't understand about the gender reveal.  She just wanted to find a golden egg.  Meanwhile, one by one, our relatives found and opened their eggs until they discovered one like this......
We wrapped up the day, by handing out the photo cards with my maternity pictures and the baby's name.  I couldn't "BEE" happier about how it all turned out!

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Gabrielle - Design Mom said...

Such a great idea for a gender reveal party! And those bees are adorable!!!