Saturday, April 7, 2012

What is it Going to "Bee" Paper Products!

PJ and I always host our immediate family for Easter dinner.  When we were pregnant with Lydia, we surprised the family with an Easter gender announcement.  We decided to continue the tradition this year, with our second pregnancy, but this time, I wanted a "What is it going to BEE?" theme.  I made this simple invite and emailed it to all the guests. I really liked that the bees on the graphic were more cute than sophisticated.  I wanted a few other items with bees on them, so I used this simple bee shape as a jumping off point.
  I have been collecting bee party images for some time and even posted a few ideas for the party here.  Most of what I was finding was in a black and yellow or grey and yellow color scheme.  They seemed a little sophisticated for my event, and didn't really say "spring" or "baby" to me.....or maybe I was just too busy with my secret project to actually act on what I was finding.  Either way, I waited as long as I could and then mounted a final internet search early Thursday morning (yep, still waking up at 3am on LOTS of occasions).  My insomnia was rewarded with this.
World Label has all these FREE down loadable templates to use with the labels that they sell.  They had two different bee themed baby shower label templates, a boy design and a girl design. Each set had EVERYTHING; Invitations, Thank you notes, address labels, circle labels, blank cards, and water bottle labels.  I LOVED the fun, less sophisticated feeling of the design and thought that the bee illustration fit perfectly with the image on my invite.  The only problem was, we were doing a bee themed gender REVEAL, so pink and blue didn't really work!  Fortunately, my mad photo-shop skills DID!
I replaced all of the blue and pink with the golden yellow color that was in the bee.  I am SO happy with the results AND with the color scheme for the party.  I already have TONS of green party stuff, so now I can add in white and two different shades of yellow.
I didn't need sticky labels, so I just printed all of these images on card stock.  I have been cutting out these circles and playing around with adding streamers as fringe.  I'm not sure what I will use these for, but I love the festive look.
I discovered that 20 ounce soda bottle labels are the SAME SIZE as water bottle labels!  So I added text to the labels for the different drinks that we were serving at Easter.
 I just wrapped and glued the new labels over the old.
I think that this is going to add a nice touch of uniformity to the party.
I decided to use the blank note cards as menu cards.  I added text boxes before I printed and then used a lace punch on the edges.
I can't wait to see everything come together on Sunday!


Natalie said...

Holy cow! You even made labels for the coke bottles!? I totally wish I had as much creativity and gumption as you do! I hope when i wake up from my nap today I get to find out what it is! I have no psychic premonitions on this one, which turned out wrong last time anyway. I'm selfishly hoping It's a boy so Jackson will have another buddy, but i know how great you would be with two adorable red headed girls too. Either way, I'm excited for you!

KristyPea said...

HI, Thanks for all the info and link to the printables!!!

I was wondering how you made the invitation? I am looking to make a simple invitation like that for my daughters first "bee" day and can't figure it out!!!

Cheryl Burchett said...

My recommendation for an easy invite would be to design something that is just black lettering on white back ground. If you can find a bee image to add in Word as an inserted image, then print it or copy it onto yellow paper.

Jane Chen said...

Hello! This looks great. I am also looking to do a gender reveal. Would you be willing to share your yellow background templates?