Saturday, April 28, 2012


My fever finally broke yesterday and I felt well enough to venture outside and check out the damage from the tree that fell the other morning.
I'm still amazed at how close this big old tree came to hitting either the house or the garage.
The branches stopped inches from the new addition to the house.
The tree is hugging the garage, but miraculously there was no damage to it.  There are branches resting on the far side of the garage, where the exterior stairs to my studio are located, so I was a little nervous to walk around and check out the damage.
Initially, it didn't look so good.  I had to push a few small branches out of the way, but this was the very top of the tree so the branches were very small and the stairs were basically open and undamaged.
The very last branches stopped right at the studio door, such a blessing not to discover broken glass and water damage inside the studio.  Also a blessing is the fact that the door opens INTO the room!
So until PJ finishes chopping up the tree, this is the view from my studio!
Speaking of which, here is a hilarious picture of PJ as he began to attack the tree with the chainsaw.  Don't worry, he knows better than to cut a branch while sitting on it.  The other funny thing from this picture is he got bit by something (a spider?) on his stomach.  I looked up symptoms to help us watch for any serious problems.  A few minutes later he says the bite is swollen, he grabs his belly and says that he used to have six-pack rock hard abs!  HA!  Nice try honey!

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