Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gatorade for this Knoxville Girl

OK, so this actually is a picture of something that I worked up for a "southern" tea party at our church. I was asked to decorate a table in something southern. I had all intentions of crafting up tons of nifty stuff....and then I realized that I needed to leave town for a family funeral. And then, before I could leave town, Lydia got sick. And then by the time I got back, both PJ and Lydia were sick. I made it to one day of work last week, and then ( you guessed it) I got sick! I mean really sick. Like fever and clammy and coughing. Oh and somewhere in there a tree almost fell on our house. It seemed like we were finally getting back to normal when PJs illness resurfaced after a day of feint better. This final stage of whatever this virus was ended up being a 12 hour stomach bug. Fortunately for PJ, I was in that day of starting to feel better while he went downhill again. That also happened to be the day of the tea. I skipped church to make sure he was stable and threw together some orange and teal decorations that I already owned. The only thing I bought were the orange UT Vols chocolate bars and the blue Gatorade. Then I used my computer to print one Lady Vols logo to go in the flowers. I also made the "Knoxville Girl" label wrap for the Gatorade bottle. The label was close to 3 inches by 9 inches (in case you need fancy Gatorade got an event). Anyway, long story short, by the time I got back from the tea, I felt tired and weird. I was still hoping that PJ had just eaten something that upset his stomach, but as Sunday dragged on, I was sinking further down hill. By about the time that the worst was over for PJ, the worst was beginning for me. I spent most of the night getting sick and most of Monday trying (unsuccessfully) to hold down some Gatorade. (At least I had pretty bottles to drink it out of!) the good news is that at this point, everyone seems to be on the mend (knock on wood.... Which is easy to come by considering the tree that is still laying in our drive way!)

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