Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Box of Happy

I saw this idea somewhere on the Internet and knew that I would send it out to a cousin who was having a tough time.
The general idea is to create a "box of sunshine" for someone whose skies are grey.
This was super easy and super fun to shop for. I went to two stores and filled my shopping cart with anything yellow, happy, and fun. My collection includes lots of random yellow stuff like neon drinking straws, a big yellow kitchen spoon, a yellow plastic slinky, assorted toys and lemon candy.
I even found a yellow aromatherapy candle labeled as having a "Happiness" scent! Oh and that cute "Thinking of you" card came printed with "sending you a little sunshine" on the inside. (I found both at Target!)
The goodies got packaged up with some yellow tissue paper and sent on their way to brighten up a good friend's day!

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Traci said...

So sweet:) Love this idea!