Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Favorite Blogging App!

When I got my iphone, I was really excited about the possibility of blogging from my phone.  I quickly found the Blogger app and just as quickly became frustrated with the limitations of the program, or the phone, or safari, or my ability to integrate the above technology.  With the Blogger app, I could easily add pictures and text to my blog, from my phone.  Unfortunately, if I added more than one photo, there was no way that I could figure out to influence the order of the pictures.

Regardless of how I uploaded them, pictures always jumbled into a random order in that strip at the bottom of the screen and were then hopelessly out of order in the blog post.  NOT cool when a lot of what i put on the blog shows a sequenced order.  Text didn't jumble, but it also wouldn't separate with the Blogger app. Whatever I typed went into one long paragraph either before or after my pictures (always the same, I just can't remember which).  When I blog, I prefer to write a little and then have a picture and then more words and then more pictures.  Speaking of pictures, I am now taking almost all of them on my phone, so, not only do I need to use a real computer to update the blog, I also have to get my pictures off of my phone and on to the computer.  This morning I got so fed up with all the extra steps that I did a Google search for blogger issues with iphones to see if anyone else had a better idea.  I found lots of complaints about similar issues and one article on great apps for blogging.  That article introduced me to bloggerplus.

Above is the little icon in case you go looking for it.  The app wasn't free, but it wasn't so expensive that I wasn't willing to give it a try.  Some of what it promises, I don't know that I need.  But it specifically mentioned being able to edit and arrange text and picture for a blogger blog on an iphone! (Something that the Genius at the Apple store told me could NOT be done) It also touted the possibility of rotating pictures once uploaded to the blog, something that I struggle with even on a computer.  I have now used the bloggerplus app to write two posts and I AM IN LOVE!
It was easy enough to use, that I figured it out without any help or frustration.  My FAVORITE thing is the screen above.  When you write a new post a little empty box appears with a blue arrow.  Click the arrow and you have several options including adding text or a picture.  Finish adding what ever you wanted and a new empty box appears below that one.  You build your blog post with with all these little boxes so I can easily alternate between text and picture and back again.  I haven't found a way to move around the boxes once they are filled, but that may be operator error!  So far it hasn't been a problem because I generally know the order of the pictures that I want.  Typing is still a little awkward on my phone, but I should be able to also use the ipad with the same app, and really the typing issues are also operator error!  Regardless, NOT having to wait to get home and pull out the big computer should mean easier and hopefully more frequent blogging for me!  Yippy!!!


kennady said...

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Lisenn said...

I use Blogpress wich is really easy to use, and allows to manage several blogs. I do not ise blogger I did not know that there was the possibility of bloggerplus. Thanks for this information, i'm going to see it.

Carmen said...

Interesting, the Blogger app for android also puts the photos in a random order. I googled this problem and found your post here :-)