Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today we are....

Today we are following school rules and keeping Lydia home for 24 hours after a diagnosis of strep throat and potential UTI, found by a new pediatrician, resulting in a new prescription (.... and in the official request to transfer her medical records to this new office in the hopes that future illnesses won't linger like this!)
Anyways, all things considered, it's been a really good sick day! Lydia's cough had been getting progressively worse through yesterday, prompting doctors visit #3 for this particular illness. She had been miserable at school, but after her first dose of the new antibiotic she slept without coughing for the first time in a long time. Today she seems SO much improved that I had to keep reminding her that she couldn't go to school today (darn 24 hour rule!)
We both need some extra rest, but after laying around for HOURS all morning, I suggested a quick visit to the studio before taking daddy to get lunch. I had an idea in mind for a new mother's day card featuring Lydia's hand print. Lydia had an idea for painting her own picture of, as she explains it, "Dollywood, but a Dollywood that we have never been to!" Three guesses who won the debate!
I forgot how nice it was to work on one of my projects in the studio now that Lydia can entertain herself a little! I suppose I did get my mother's day gift from her after all!
  I can't promise that I won't still hound her for those hand prints to make something for all the other moms in our family, but for now I will be content with a little crafting, a little lunch, a BIG nap, and hopefully a much healthier girl soon!

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Traci said...

Poor kiddo:( So glad she is feeling better! Luci has just gotten over hand foot and mouth and I am SO glad to be through that one!!