Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alyssa's Birthday

My college roommate, Andrea, celebrated her daughter Alyssa's second birthday last weekend. Lydia is finally big enough and mobile enough to interact with some of the other kids at the party. Lydia enjoyed hugging baby Caden and sharing her cereal snacks with Alyssa.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Lydia and I both got our hair trimmed on Thursday. This was Liddy's first haircut. While momma was very excited, Lydia wasn't really sure about those big shiny scissors coming towards her. Casey was so accommodating and so quick! Snip, snip.... First haircut accomplished before mommy or Liddy could quite realize what had happened!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Final Fair Fragments (from Friday)

I think this will about wrap up the posts on the TN Valley Fair. It really wasn't THAT great of a night to deserve 3 separate posts, but it was a new experience for Lydia so we have lots of pictures. Plus I have been really busy this week, so no new pictures for now. I went straight to the Fair right after work on Friday to see my student's art in the art exhibit. I figured I would only stay until Lydia got fussy. We bought kettle corn and found out that it was dairy free. Lydia LOVED eating the kettle corn so much, she was pretty much willing to go wherever we went as long as the sweets lasted. In addition to the kettle corn, we also got corn dogs and french fries and shaved ice and fried candy. Hmm, we talked about getting a caramel apple, but somehow never got around to it. Yeah, I know we should all look as shocked as Lydia does in this picture. What can I say, it was the fair!
Lydia was still hanging in there when Rick Springfield took the stage, so we took her to her first concert. She started fading about an hour after she should have been in bed, so we left before he could sing "Jesse's Girl", but it was still a great night.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fairy Halos at the Fair

Our favorite fair souvenir were these halos. They were sparkly and ribbony and totally girly, and at $2, CHEAP for the fair. The ladies selling them were also painting faces and it seemed like such a successful and easy pairing.
The halos were just glittery garland with curling ribbon tied on, one of those.... Why didn't I think of that...kind of craft items!

Lydia had so much fun picking one out. She wasn't crazy about putting it on her head, but she made a great game out of holding it up to Jen's face and then holding it up to her face then laughing hysterically!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun at the Fair

Friday night was the start of the TN Valley Fair, one of the few events in Knoxville that is actually on my end of town. Jen and I took Lydia and were hoping she could ride a few of the kiddie rides. No such luck! You had to be at least 36 inches just to ride with a parent. Luckily the guy running the pony rides didn't have a height restriction. Lydia was so excited. She was squealing and waiving the whole time. Unfortunately the best picture of Lydia waiving has a pole in front of my face. Thanks Jen!
Also unfortunate.........
my selection of open toe flat shoes on a day when I did not realize that I would be walking on saw dust filled with pony poop!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day

OK, I'm a little behind here, but it was a short work week with the same amount of work crammed into fewer days, so no new posts until now. Last weekend I decided to do something summery since it was probably going to be my last warm weather day off from work. PJ decided he wanted to join in so we called our friends Casey and Tim and headed to the mountains with the kids. We had a picnic lunch, walked a few trails, and played in the water. Lydia loved crawling on the rocks and trying to get her feet wet. We all loved watching her go, go, go!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Manicure Monday!

It's Labor Day Monday and Mama is hoping to paint her nails this morning. Hmmmmm.... Maybe Mama will let me play with her nail polish too!
I can't decide which color I like the best.

"I'm Not Really A Waitress" doesn't taste the same as "Clear"!

Oh, wow! Mama put the red polish and THEN the clear polish on my toes. I sat very still so it looks great for now. Of coarse five minutes from now I intend to crawl across the floor and completely mess it up, but it was fun while it lasted!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Liddy reading

Lydia has started flipping through her books on her own. Very often this action is accompanied by her making sing-song noises to herself as she flips the pages. Usually the book is turned the wrong way, but who cares! I like that she likes her books and enjoys the act of turning the pages while trying to tell the story to herself. This is a flip-a-face book, so two pages will have a face and the page in between will be cut out except for some accessory, like glasses. So I point and say "no glasses" and then point again and say "green glasses". I notice that Lydia now points to the pages in the same way as she babbles to herself in a language we don't yet comprehend. Really cute!