Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun at the Fair

Friday night was the start of the TN Valley Fair, one of the few events in Knoxville that is actually on my end of town. Jen and I took Lydia and were hoping she could ride a few of the kiddie rides. No such luck! You had to be at least 36 inches just to ride with a parent. Luckily the guy running the pony rides didn't have a height restriction. Lydia was so excited. She was squealing and waiving the whole time. Unfortunately the best picture of Lydia waiving has a pole in front of my face. Thanks Jen!
Also unfortunate.........
my selection of open toe flat shoes on a day when I did not realize that I would be walking on saw dust filled with pony poop!

1 comment:

LydiaB said...

The cutest thing was that Lydia kept calling the pony "Buckley". She calls ALL four legged animals Buckley, our dog's name!