Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Final Fair Fragments (from Friday)

I think this will about wrap up the posts on the TN Valley Fair. It really wasn't THAT great of a night to deserve 3 separate posts, but it was a new experience for Lydia so we have lots of pictures. Plus I have been really busy this week, so no new pictures for now. I went straight to the Fair right after work on Friday to see my student's art in the art exhibit. I figured I would only stay until Lydia got fussy. We bought kettle corn and found out that it was dairy free. Lydia LOVED eating the kettle corn so much, she was pretty much willing to go wherever we went as long as the sweets lasted. In addition to the kettle corn, we also got corn dogs and french fries and shaved ice and fried candy. Hmm, we talked about getting a caramel apple, but somehow never got around to it. Yeah, I know we should all look as shocked as Lydia does in this picture. What can I say, it was the fair!
Lydia was still hanging in there when Rick Springfield took the stage, so we took her to her first concert. She started fading about an hour after she should have been in bed, so we left before he could sing "Jesse's Girl", but it was still a great night.

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