Thursday, August 28, 2008

little girl, BIG MEDICINE!

Thursday found us visiting doctors number 4 and 5 at the recommendation of doctor number 3. The GI Specialist from Thursday (#3) plans on covering all bases by putting Lydia on an anti-ulcer medication, scanning her stomach for any defects, testing her blood for anemia, and switching her from breast milk to a special hypoallergenic formula. At some point, I could go back to breastfeeding, but I would have to spend 13 weeks systematically eliminating and then reintroducing common allergens in my diet. All the while waiting for Lydia to have another GI tract bleed. Sounds too risky to me, so I regretfully stopped breastfeeding yesterday and switched her to formula. As if that didn't upset things enough, this morning we had to stop feeding her altogether in preparation for a meckles scan for stomach defects. Lydia got an IV injection of a radioactive tracer element and then went into the scan machine for 40 minutes. Jen and I were able to hold her hands and sing to her, but neither she nor I could think of many lullabies. So Lydia got a duet of Prince's Raspberry Barret and that song that goes "Don't Give Me Know Lines and Keep Your Hands to Yourself". The whole time, my radioactive baby lit up the computer screen with an extra bright spot where her stomach is. Radiology guy didn't seem overly concerned by what he saw, but we will know more when the results are in. Then we were off to a different lab for blood work. Another poke, another band aid and we thought we were done. That is, until we were handed the baggy with a bio-hazzard symbol and given instructions on collecting several stool samples and bringing them back to Children's Hospital. The potentially radioactive poo is now safely stored in my refrigerator and it looks like returning it will be medical appointment number 6 this week. Did I mention that I bought a BIG bag of apples at the store today?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A doctor a day...

Tomorrow will be our third doctor visit in three days. Monday Lydia had her 2 month checkup. She now weighs over 8 pounds! She got her first round of immunizations, so she has been extra fussy and groggy today. Debbie watched Lydia while I went to my doctor's appointment. Tomorrow Jennifer and I will take Lydia to a GI specialist to try and determine why she is occasionally having blood in her stool. I think I'll get some apples to ward off all these doctors.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

Lately Lydia has been less grumbly, in the mornings at least. She will let me lay her on the couch and seems content to just look around. Today I pulled out a mirror toy and she got a good look at herself.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting In the Swing of Things

OK. I admit it. I was very anti-swing. I'd read that they become a prop. That babies get used to them and don't learn to put themselves to sleep. But after a few sleepless nights and after watching a DVD about calming babies, the suggestion to swaddle and swing sounds great to me. We are all getting a little more rest and our moods are on the upswing. Unfortunately, it seems that just when one thing is getting better, other problems creep in and the pendulum swings back again. I suppose we should follow Lydia's lead. We can cry and scream, but in the end we are strapped in so it will be easier on everyone if we chill out and enjoy the ride!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

In the spirit of the Olympics, I now share with you Lydia's version of gymnastic floor exercises. Enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bathtime Baby!

Not much to expound on here, just a cute picture of Lydia getting her nightly bath. This is part of the calm down for bedtime routine that we are hoping will help her learn to put herself to sleep.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sleep Sheep

Counting sheep isn't very difficult in my house these days. If this picture is any indication, I get to one and could easily fall asleep. My sweet little girl is now resisting bedtime with the power of a Hurricane force wind. Her momma is tired. Her daddy is tired. Even the stuffed animals are considering relocating to a more quite nocturnal domicile. Count this sheep quick, he's headed for calmer pastures! Ready.... One.... zzzzzzzzzz (snoring sounds).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One Month Portraits

This picture was taken when Lydia was one month old and weighed just over 6 pounds. She is wrapped in the blanket that her Aunt Jennifer crocheted for her. We had lots of pictures made that day and they can be viewed at the website listed below.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hot Rod Baby!

Lydia attended her first car show, which required her first road trip, which made her mommy unbearably uptight but turned out well enough that more trips should follow. We started around 5 am and drove the 4 hours to Louisville KY. We looked at a few cars, talked to a ton of venders, and by 5 pm we headed home. Lydia slept the whole time she was in the car. Only her parents were exhausted by the event.