Monday, May 7, 2012

A Weak Later

Has it really been a WEEK, since I posted about stomach flu and pretty Gatorade labels?  Ugh!  The last week has washed over me and I am still feeling WEAK!  Whatever this virus is, it just won't let go.  I feel OK for a little while and then not so great.  In addition to trying to get well, I have been trying to get my classroom and my house back in order from more than two weeks of illness.  So there has been little time or energy for making anything fabulous.  I began moving the last of Lydia's stuff out of the nursery and making room for pulling out all the baby stuff.  It didn't feel like that much work, but I was wiped out pretty quickly and spent the next day trying to deal with a sinus infection.
Sunday, I made it out to meet up with some friends for a few hours at an indoor water park. It was a lot of fun and a good distraction from feeling sick.  We came home for a much needed nap and then set up our own little pool, so Lydia could play and I could kick back and soak my feet.  Not bad at all.
 I promise that I have several fun projects that I have started, but I need some time and energy to get them finished before I can share them.  More soon!

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