Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Update 3: Home from the Hospital!

This should be the final hospital update because, as of last night, we are ALL finally out of the hospital!

We were told last week that "rooming in" would be the first step toward going home. We were approved to room in and finally told that there was a room available for me to spend the night and nurse Joshua on Sunday night. The room was ready earlier on Sunday than we had expected. So around noon, Joshua was unhooked from his monitor and we were rushed down the hall to a weird little area far away from the nurses and the beeping machines. I was set up in a room that was a weird mix of really cheap hotel and sterile hospital room.

My favorite things about the "rooming in" room was that it had a window. After 10 days in the twilight of the NICU, natural daylight really brightened my mood. It also gave me a really good view if Joshua's hair color, which now appears to have a touch of red!! Joshua was connected to a new, even louder, monitor which seemed to have lousy connections because it went off ALL the time. BUT to make up for the increased alarms, Joshua's feeding tube was removed and I got my first unobstructed view of his face!

The night went well and then it took ALL DAY Monday before we heard anything. Right before shift change (when the hospital apparently grinds to a halt for several hours, doctors and nurses arrived with tons of paperwork and we were on our way!

Big sister Lydia finally got a close up view of her baby brother. She held his hand all the way to the car! We are all just thrilled to finally be together under one roof.


Samantha P said...


So glad that Baby Joshua is home :)

Traci said...

I serously just teared up. I must be crazy or something. It really just made me happy to see Lydia holding his hand:)