Monday, July 2, 2012

Pretty Party Prints

A few weeks ago, I posted about making large photo posters using Staples engineer prints. I ended up getting a total of four prints made, but two of them had two pictures on them. So, at $5 a print, I spent $20 total for six large super fabulous poster prints.

The Audrey Hepburn poster was one of the half sized posters, so she was only $2.50 from Staples. I placed it above the gift table right at the entrance to the party. I freaking LOVED that this was the first thing anyone saw!

I made one engineer print with several signs on it. I had one that said Bistro, one that said Bon Apetit, and one that said La Toilette because the restrooms at our venue are a little hard to find. I decided to put the Bistro and the Bon Apetite signs together to make a large sign for behind the Buffet. I liked that it sounded like a restaurant name, the "Bon Appetite Bistro!"

I made another engineer print with 2 different Parisian scenes on them and placed them on either side of the buffet.

Here's a close up of the Metro entrance poster and of the Eiffel Tower poster.

I showed off the Marilyn Monroe poster in an earlier post. Here is what I did with it. I printed several paper sunglasses and had the kid's play Pin the Sunglasses on the Super Star! The kids enjoyed it, but Lydia totally cheated!

The last poster was another full sized engineer print of Fred Aster. I added the Happy Birthday banner and had hoped to use it as a photo prop. But, the kids were having fun and I was tired and once the gifts were open you could NOT pry Lydia away from her new toy microphone. I convinced her to play with it in front of the sign.

And just because I think it's adorable, here is one more shot of Lydia, wearing my shoes, and singing into the mic at the end of the party. Happy Birthday baby gir.... I mean Big Girl!

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