Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A little more on the great Craft War....

OK, so since our episode of Craft Wars aired, I have been a little obsessive compulsive about googling the show. Maybe not this week when I have been busy with more important things, but it's been fun to have an ear to the ground about our performance and our creations.

Craft Wars consumed a lot of my time and attention for the past 6-7 months. The application process and the actual filming were both a roller coaster of adrenaline and then I wasn't allowed to talk about it until now.

And now that it is out in the open, it is all so fully public, the conversation about what we did is out of my hands. Enter the Internet reviews. I have read almost every review out there and I have found my favorite! There is a hilarious review with all of these pictures on a blog called Twinkie Chan.

It's as if she read my mind and then helped me to laugh at myself! Example. Lets call this cringe worthy moment #43: I am using my hand to hold that leather patch against the bag because it didn't catch in the seam. (I almost thought I would get away with it until they asked me to turn the bag around!)

Anyway, she has all these great pictures and several have her hilarious comments written on them. I can't even explain most of it, but it's like she was THERE hearing some of the inside jokes between the sound guys!

She even captured PJs southern accent in caption form! This is when PJ discovers that the frame for the playhouse is not square. Loosely translated it reads, "I'm gonna fix it right now" only in southern!

Click on over to Twinkie Chan to read the entire review and keep your fingers crossed that she reviews EVERY episode! I think the other Craft Wars contestants (twitter: craftwarsvets) deserve to laugh at their experience too!

And if you are near Chicago, you can see the playhouse that we built at the Craft and Hobby Association Summer Convention. For a $5 raffle ticket, you are entered to WIN the playhouse and have it shipped to your house courtesy of the CHA! (I hope whoever wins it, LOVES it, AND posts tons of pictures on the internet)


Amy Anderson said...

Your house was awesome Cheryl!! I'm loving Craft Wars and what it's doing to promote creativity - in whatever way possible. Also, I could never do what you contestants did. After the first hour I'd still be planning my project. Kudos to you for going on and winning!! You had stiff competition too - I know Christy and she's amazing. ;D

Natalie said...

Twinkle Chan's review was hilarious! "Lots of Balls Bag lady ... went cray cray with the Mod Podge." You should post a comment on her blog. Tennis racket lady did and so did another girl in an upcoming episode. She was so pumped to have "celebrity" visits to her site! :)