Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Fabulous Watermelon Car!

My husband is the master of Creative Watermelon Carving! Every year, he creates a watermelon work of art for Lydia's birthday party. Last year he
made a watermelon shark. The year before that it was a Mad Hatter top hat. He has made vomiting Halloween watermelon witch and even a pirate ship for our wedding.

This year, the party theme was Four and Fabulous and was more about girly colors and girly stuff. We talked about maybe doing an Eiffel Tower, but I already had a few of those for the buffet.

When I suggested a race car, PJ thought it was almost too easy, but that's what he did. I love that he thought to use Lydia's Mr. Potato Head parts to create a Pineapple race car driver! He even used apes for break lights and lemons for head lights!

All I can say is "It's CRZAY!" and I am so glad that Lydia and I reap the benefits of this crazy life!

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