Saturday, June 30, 2012

One More Crafty Contest

 As if I needed ANYTHING else on my plate this week!  I mentioned in my Craft Overload post that in addition to the Craft Wars Premier Party on Tuesday and Lydia's Four and Fabulous birthday party on Saturday, there was this DIY Nursery contest and entries were also due on Saturday.  I couldn't resist entering my Vintage Circus themed nursery, but it meant kicking everything into high gear and finishing several baby items in time to film, edit, and submit a video.   So, I spent a little less time on the birthday preparations on Friday than I had planned in favor of getting the nursery stuff taken care of.  I have submitted my video and am just waiting for it to appear on the JoAnn's Pinterest page for the contest.  I don't get the idea that it is a popularity thing.  I understand that judges will review the videos and select a winner.  However, I certainly looked more at the videos that had lots of "likes" and comments and "re-pins".  My video was not up on Friday and it could take longer because it is the weekend, but if you happened by the contest website and you saw my Vintage Circus video (I'm Cheryl Burchett on Pinterest) I would welcome some internet love!
 In case it can't be found, and also because I love it so, here is a peak at all the baby projects in Joshua's nursery and in the video that I entered in the contest.  There is the inspiration piece, the circus wagon crib that my dad crafted in the 1970's for me and my siblings.  It used to be a plain orangish red color.  I added stenciled details and fancy hardware.  I also made all the bedding.
 Here is a view of my favorite thing on the crib.  The sides originally had that diamond shaped molding and it was painted white when I slept in it.  I was at a thrift store one day and saw these plastic medallion wall art things.  I thought I could make something out of them and they were a PERFECT fit for the space inside the diamonds!  I painted them white and gold and added a B for Burchett, but ALSO for my maiden name (Bohlken).  I LOVE that it reflects both the monogram of the original builder and of my little family as well.  Those knobs on the end are both decorative and functional.  They are drawer pulls and the top ones are holding the mattress support in place. When it's time to lower the mattress, we will switch and use those lower drawer pulls and screws for support.
 Here is the inside of the crib.  You can see the quilt that my mom made from my extra fabric and the pillow, bumper, and crib sheet that I made.
 I had enough fabric left over to cover a piece of foam for a cushion on our old rocking chair.
 I made a few boppy covers to coordinate with the decor, but managed to leave it out of the video. Oh well!
 Then I showed a few items in the nursery that are specifically for baby and not just decoration.  Here are some of the outfits that I up-cycled from old t-shirts.
 Here are the bibs and burp cloths that I make from flannel and towels.  These are my favorite baby shower gift and I have a tutorial coming soon.
 I posted about these gauze swaddling blankets, but still need to show off the binding that I did on the edges.
 And finally, here is the old car seat, that now has a spiffy new cover.  I hope to post about that project soon.  For now, I am tired and have a big day of party decorating ahead of me.  Check out that Pinterest page and if you see my video, show me some LOVE!

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