Friday, June 29, 2012

Cupcake Wrapper Awards!

I saw this idea on Pinterest, via a Michael's Crafts tutorial for making layered award ribbons out of cupcake liners. I didn't think up the idea or change much about it, so don't be too impressed. However, I would like to point out that some of the negative comments about the premier of Craft Wars centered around the idea that we were challenged to make one item out of a perfectly good other item. I agree that it would be a rare day when I cut up a really expensive backpack just to make a door handle. However, the spirit of "making do" is what I think was the point. Could I have made this project out of something else, sure! But I am making cupcakes for Lydia's party so I already have tons of cute wrappers that match my theme. I do not have to
search for the perfect paper or to cut a bunch of shapes. So I am making do and enjoying the creative challenge of making it work. OK, sermon done! Here's what I did, it is seriously SO easy, you can definitely do this too!

Flatten one cupcake liner.

Fold a second liner in half.

Twist the bottom of the liner a little. This will squish it up (getting technical, I know) and make it a little smaller than the first liner.

Open it up and flatten down the squished center. Glue it in place. You can keep going as long as you twist more each time so that the circles get even smaller. Or you can switch to the mini cupcake liners like I did.

The mini liners didn't need to be twisted or smushed, just glued in place.

Make as many round layers as you want. I decided to make mine girly by adding a flower in the middle. Buttons, printed words, bottle caps, etc. would all make nice centers.

The Michael's directions mention using paper to make a ribbon. I wanted mine to match, do I figured out a way to use the cup cake liner for that too! First fold a liner and cut out the center.

Then own up the outer ring and cut it into two rounded strips. Attach those to the back of your award and you are done!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my craft wars blog post! I will now be stalking you! Congrats on your Craft Wars win! Sooo awesome!