Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Super Why Giveaway Day 2

There are four more days to enter the Super Why Live Giveaway (you can enter once a day, by leaving a new comment on the new Super Why post) and there are four main Super Why characters. So, today's post and today's comments will focus on Wyatt.

Wyatt is the lead Super Reader with the power to read. When he transforms into the title character, "Super Why" he searches for the answers to everyday problems by looking in a book. Wyatt's secret weapon is his "why writer" that highlights the text on the screen as Whyatt reads the story. Wyatt is able to change words to help the story work out right.

This ability to change a word and, thereby, change the outcome of a story has become a running gag in our house. Lydia loves watching "Super Why" and every so often, when she is feeling saucy, she will say something that is obviously unacceptable. I will look at her sternly and tell her she needs to change the story. She and I will both smile knowing that she is now playing at being a Super Reader and not just being disobedient. Lydia will change one word to make whatever she said acceptable.

OK, now it's your turn! For an entry into the drawing for FOUR tickets to the Knoxville Super Why Live, post a comment about something that you or someone else said that needs a once over with Wyatt's Why writer. What story, sentence, or saying needs a re-write in your world? Comment below and you will be entered in the drawing. (be sure there is a valid email address associated with your comment so I can get in touch if you win.)


April Wireman said...

When you ask Veronica a specific question like what color is this, she says a totally wrong color and say, "I tricked you." She also does this when she is watching Super Why.

Natalie said...

Conner (my soon-to-be 4 year old) has a fascination with the "Cottoneyed Joe" sign on the interstate. For those unfamiliar with the area, It's a country western bar. Everytime we would pass it, he would ask, "Mommy what's that?" After "Cottoneyed Joe" would no longer suffice, I said it was a place where grown UPS go to dance to country music and wear their cowboy hats and cowboy boots. He thought that sounded fun so he asked, "Mommy, I go there?" "Sorry buddy, It's just for grown-ups.". Well, this was not the last we heard of the Cottoneyed Joe.
The last day of preschool, the teachers sent a questionnaire home in a laminated keepsake book. One of the questions asked "when I grow up, I want to ..." His teachers at his Christian church preschool wondered what in the heck I was teaching My son because his answer was "Go to the Cotoneyed Joe." So, there it is, laminated in his preschool book for all eternity. I had fun trying to explain to his teachers, "I swear I don't teach My kid about clubbing or take him to bars!" Yeah, we need a re-do on that one.

Jenny Holcombe said...

All week Isaiah and I have been talking about going to the Drive-In to see Brave and the Avengers. However, anytime he tells someone else where we're going Friday night he says we're going to the drive-thru. The images of going through a drive thru to see a movie or pick up a movie makes me giggle. I love that little boy <3

Liddy B and Me! said...

Because I don't know how to close comments fom my iPhone, let this serve as notice that any comments posted after this comment will NOT be counted in the ticket giveaway drawing.