Sunday, June 17, 2012

In Praise of PJ

My husband is a big goof, but that is one of the things I adore about him! While Lydia and I were flying from Idaho to Florida, PJ was driving around in the "daddy wagon" dressed up like Captain Kirk. (they are pajamas that my mom made him for Christmas!)

He convinced a friend to follow him around and shoot a whole photo story about searching for elusive creatures like the Florida Sasquatch.

He has been posting a different picture on Facebook with more details from the saga each day.

Even I have had to wait to find out what happens next.

The day before we left, he discovered a clump of hair and a razor, but no Sasquatch!

Then in a bizarre twist, as we were leaving town, this final image suggests that Kirk not only found the creature, but the two have run away together!

In his spare time at the beach, when not hunting swamp monsters, PJ has been the devoted dad. He brought his GI Joe toys for Lydia and her friends. He dug in the sand and convinced Lydia to act like a hermit crab and jump out at people.

He brought our bikes to Florida and took Lydia out to practice riding.

Mostly, it was really nice just to have him around all week. I know he will go back to working like a crazy person now that we are home, but his work ethic is also something that I love about my husband. Happy Father's Day!

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