Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Found Pictures....And My People!

I stayed up WAY to late last night! I had this HUGE adrenaline rush from watching (and seeing our friends react to) our episode of Craft Wars. The show started past my usual pregnant mom bedtime, so I was already setting myself up. Then I spent the little free time I had on Tuesday making stuff for the premier party and NOT taking a nap. Then after the show my email, phone, blog and Facebook blew up! I couldn't stand not looking at all the comments and reviews.
Today has been a little more manageable, but still tons of info to process. Today, I began to run into other crafters who are on later episodes. I feel like I just found my people! They found each other and were tweeting during the show. I don't think I could have focused on it last night but today I had so much fun reading the tweets of people who have been through what I was going through. When Tori asked me to turn my unfinished bag around, I knew this group understood that my heart fractured in despair as the last hope that maybe they wouldn't see the bad stuff vanished. I can now think of so many ways that I could have gotten the look that I wanted in such a short amount of time, but at the moment, you are NOT a rational being (cue scene of me with the spray glue) and this group understands that!
That brings us to the other fun find of the day. Someone has these still shots on their blog today! I did not get to take any pictures of our projects and it has really bothered me! You can't see a lot of what we did, but it is SO nice to get a good long look at this much of our projects. You get just a hint of the chalk board on the one side. We draw a picture (in child like stick people) of our family on it and labeled Mommy, Daddy, and Liddy. The other side had an identically sized bulletin board with child like drawings of our dog. We got our assistants to each make a piece of art for the bulletin board and to sign the chalkboard! On the inside of the house, they showed the backpack monsters, but not the melted crayon map that took WAY to long (peeling, then chopping and then melting crayons) but turned our SO cute! Oh well. At least I have one picture... And a group of Craft War Veterans to commiserate with from now on! See you all on Twitter next Tuesday!


radmegan said...

I love that you have these stills! What a treat. And yes, you have found your people. We're your people.



Natalie said...

There was a map? I don't remember seeing that! :( So glad you found your people! How exciting!

Liddy B and Me! said...

You can see just the tiniest edge of a multi-colored world map in a few shots of the inside of our playhouse. I'm sure everyone has things that just got cut out for time reasons. There were 5 hours of master craft to cut down for the show. My only reason for noting the map was it took SO long (I actually gave up on it at one point) and I was sure they would use that footage as part of the whole story line that we were in danger of not finishing.... AGAIN! They were a lot kinder in the editing than I thought they would be.

Susan said...

Hi, I just found your blog - I saw you on Craft Wars, and I have to say - I loved your school house! Way To Go!

Liddy B and Me! said...

Thanks Susan!