Sunday, June 10, 2012

Organized and Ready to Go!

Lydia and I are flying across the US again today, so here is another travel related post. One of my favorite travel organizers is actually a repurposed Fold and Go organizer from Thirty One Gifts

The newest version of the Thirty One Gifts Fold-And-Go Organizer is 9" wide and 6" long when it is closed. It has an elastic band to keep it closed when folded. It also comes with a 50 sheet Notepad, held in place by elastic. It has two interior pockets – a tall one with a velcro closure and a shorter one with elastic.

I bought one of these organizers about 3 years ago. Lydia was a baby and I was still using a full sized diaper bag. My version of the Fold and Go organizer did not come with a notepad. I decided not to spend the extra money to buy one, because I was already thinking I might use it to hold diapers and wipes for short trips.

The picture above shows the basic idea of how I used it for diapers. My Fold and Go organizer didn't have an elastic closure like the newer versions. Instead, mine has a ribbon tie closure. I thought it was super cute, but not very practical to fuss with undoing a bow while trying to change a baby. So, we never used it a lot for diapers.

Because it was just laying around, not getting used for diapers, at some point I grabbed it to help pack Lydia's toiletries for an overnight trip. This has become my favorite use for the organizer. Lydia's hairbrush can go in one pocket and her toothbrush can go in the other.

The two elastic strips that are supposed to hold the note pad work perfectly for holding Lydia's hair bows. (PS those are all bows I made. PPS there is a tutorial here. PPPS those are all the bows we took for a weekend trip!)

One last thing, because I love it so... That pink thing on the end of Lydia's toothbrush is a steripod. I saw them at Christmas and garbed a few for stocking stuffers. They have a little sterile pad inside the tooth brush cover. The cover itself is a little spring loaded thing that works really well by itself. Add in the extra antiseptic and it makes me feel better about our toothbrushes and where they are stored.

So, we have a little while before Baby Joshua needs to keep a toothbrush sterile. But, I think with the new elastic closure I might give the Fold and Go another chance as a diaper organizer. I really like the Minty Chip pattern for a boy and they have a June special where you spend $35 and get a large utility tote for $10. Sounds like a plan to me!

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BalancingMama (Julie) said...

I am addicted to Thirty One stuff - good thing, since I have four friends who sell it! Great idea for the organizer!