Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Hour Onsie

Last week, while I was posting about the Super Why Giveaway, I was hard at work on several handmade gifts for a dear friend's baby shower. I had to wait until the gift was given or I would spoil the surprise. I had several projects in mind and when they were finally all finished, the night before the party, I got an idea for ONE MORE item. The problem was it was late and I only had about an hour to spend on it.

Now that the show has aired, many of you will be familiar with the upsetting results of the LAST thing I made when I only had an hour! Ouch! Let me say that an hour in your own studio is WAY different than an hour on a set with a giant clock ticking and producers yelling and Tori Spelling stopping you to chat. Besides, if I REALLY needed more time I knew I could just stay up extra late and burn the midnight oil.

So, I had an hour and I was inspired by this purple tulle curtain that I bought at a thrift store a while back. The mom-to-be LOVES purple, so when I caught a glimpse of it, I thought PURPLE TUTU PERFECTION! I discovered an extra plain onsie from the brother and sister outfits I made a while back and just knew I could make a cute, quick outfit.

First, the curtain was too long. It also needed to be gathered more to make a proper tutu. I folded the purple curtain at the one gathered seem so that I could sew a waist band pocket into which I could later insert elastic. Then I trimmed both layers to an appropriate length before I gathered it.

I used the onsie as a guide for the size of the elastic and sewed it into a loop. Then I sewed the layers of tulle together so it wouldn't be open in the back.

With the tutu finished, I used fabric pens and fabric paint to make false necklaces at the neckline. It still needed a little something, so I pulled a few silk flower petals off of a larger flower and sewed them on with a button for the center. I hope the new mama enjoys seeing her little lady in this One Hour Onsie as much as I enjoyed actually finishing in the allotted time!


Lisa said...

Cute!! Love this!!
Say, I was just did you know that I blogged about you? I think it's cool that you did and thank you for the comments!! Am going to continue to follow you! Hope you have some funky cool ideas for Christmas!!
God bless!

Liddy B and Me! said...

Lisa, I have been in the habit of googling the show for the last few weeks, because I was contractually obligated to only share information once it was public knowledge. So, if something ran online about the show, like my picture, then I could tell people that I was on the show. Once it aired, I have continued to google and stalk myself a little (um maybe more than a little!). Its just too tempting to peek at what people are saying about the show/us/our creations!