Thursday, June 21, 2012

Super Why Giveaway Day 4

This is Alpha Pig, our third character from Super Why and just one of the Super Readers you can see in the super new musical, Super Why Live.

Alpha Zpig has alphabet power. He uses tools, like a magnifying glass and a letter lasso, to find hidden letters that are needed in a story.

For your forth chance to win FOUR tickets to see Super Why Live at the TN theater on July 21, let's take a cue from Alpha Pig with his amazing abilities to find hidden items. If Alpha pig came to your house looking for hidden letters, where eould you suggest he look. In other words, where is the place that all lost and forget items end up. (Mine would be the mail pile. I do all my important stuff online so the mail pile is an overwhelming stack of junk, odd scraps of paper, and unexpected bills and notices. The whole alphabet could hide there and I wouldn't know about it! Yikes!)


April Wireman said...

He would really be looking for lost letters under our fridge, all the cats toys and letter magnets are there, If you are missing something small just look under our fridge.

Jenny Holcombe said...

He could look for letters on the coat hooks by my back door. Bags get brought in from school and trips and get hung up but never cleaned out. Not too long ago I grabbed a bag off one of the hooks and found a size 3 diaper...Isaiah is 5, lol. That bag had obviously been hanging there for awhile!

Natalie said...

Our refrigerator. I hang papers on it all the time and forget to take them down. Rather than throwing them away like a normal person would do, I just keep putting more papers, notes, pictures, art on top of what is already there. No telling What you would find in the bottom. Conner's preschool Calendar from last December. I should go clean My fridge now.

Hugh Spradlin said...

LOOK IN THE BOOK! I frequently use mail or letters for a book marker..even appointment cards as I read while waiting for Dr. visits.

Liddy B and Me! said...

Because I do not know how to close comments from
my phone, let this serve as notice that any comments posted after this comment will NOT be counted in the ticket giveaway drawing.