Thursday, June 9, 2011

5 Years Ago Today!

 5 years ago today I married PJ Burchett in a fun filled, luau themed wedding.

 This is my first time putting our wedding pictures on the blog so I am posting quite a few.  Also, in just 5 years I am already painfully aware of how many picture files seem to have vanished as computers have crashed and discs have been moved.  I still have a lovely scrapbook full of my favorite photos, but I like the idea of backing them up, and showing them off, in multiple locations.
Can you tell we are car people?  I think this was one of the last events while PJ and Larry were still designing the Tomcat.  Can I gush for a minute?  That beautiful car was recently sold at the Barrett Jackson Auction! (not by us, unfortunately!) If you like the cars and want to see more of what my husband and his father create, check out their website here.

 OK.  Back to the wedding!  There is a shot of my sister and myself, posing with a car....of course!
Our dear friends, generously volunteered their home for our big day. Speaking of talented people in my life, they built this place themselves! Amazing...and BEAUTIFUL!

PJ worked really hard leading up to the wedding to restore his mother's yellow Ford so it could be at the wedding too.

I worked really hard leading up to the wedding on the decorations.  We (myself and my amazing friends) did almost everything ourselves and did it on a really small budget.

I wanted this wedding (my second) to be fun and so we went with a luau them and really bright colors.

There were Hawaiian Leis, palm leaf fans, and flip flips for our guests to use.

We had a tropical bar and a watermelon pirate ship (carved by my talented husband to be in the middle of the night, on the eve of our wedding!) because what wedding doesn't need a watermelon pirate ship!

 Our big splurge (after the tent) was hiring  a five member steel drum band in addition to a regular DJ.  We had the band for the pre-wedding cocktails, the ceremony, and dinner.  After dinner we had dancing with the DJ.  The schedule meant that PJ and I walked down the aisle to steel drum music, which seemed perfect, except our selection for songs was limited to mostly beachy party music.  So we walked down the aisle to Elvis' "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" which seemed kind of cheesy, but who cares!

The grooms cake had a solid chocolate bride and groom and old car.  The cake frosting was melting, so it looked like the car was sinking in the mud! Also, during delivery, some of the icing melted off the main wedding cake (did I mention it was outrageously hot?) but one of my art teacher friends hid it with some floral accents.  Oh well! It all tasted great, so who cares.

 After dinner, we danced, we hula hooped, we limboed, we had a great time!  I can't believe how fast 5 years has flown by.  Thank you again to all my friends and family who helped us pull this event together, but mostly thank you to my husband for a wonderful five years and for the promise of many, many more to come!


Natalie said...

That was totally awesome! I hate that I was out of town that weekend!!! Would have loved to be there!!

Melanie said...

Love your wedding pictures. Congrats to you both! I especially love the very cool Pirate Ship Watermelon carved by your husband. Very, Very cool! I repinned it on my Pinterest!

Best Wishes,
Melanie at ewehooo!

Brett said...

I remember that wedding, what fun!