Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Art Inspiration at the Beach

 One of my favorite things about the beach we go to is that there are tons of unique, upscale, artsy shops in either direction on the main road, 30-A.  Last year we stumbled into this amazing outdoor weekend art market, called the West Indies Market in Rosemary Beach.  This year I was so excited to discover that our trip coincided with the market again!
 Check out the map of America, made out of the license plates.  Can you tell that each state shape is made from a license plate from that state!  They were cutting the plates with tin snips and then gluing it to a board.  I assumed you would  have to nail it or something, so now I really want to try this one out.
 This trunk was full of the cutest creatures.  They were fun to look at but became even more interesting when I realized that they were all made from socks!  I have been hand sewing sock creatures for a while, but these were really nice and gave me a lot of inspiration.
 This jewelry booth was my favorite!  First of all, I LOVE the idea of displaying the jewelry from tree branches.  Each of these necklaces has a unique antique charm at the end.  All were legitimate antique baubles, like small pocket knives, coins, perfume containers, etc. that the artist finds on trips to Europe.  They were strung with tons of delicate pearls.  So SO pretty (and expensive) and something I would LOVE to make... should i get to travel to Europe to search for just the right baubles!
 It was hot, so we stopped for snow cones at a really good little place that even tops them with sweetened condensed milk (a snow cap on a snow cone).
 One quick family picture and it was time to head back to the beach.

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