Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mission trip day 5. Hump Day!

Today we have reached the half way point of our trip.  The weather, which has to this point been cool and windy, turned into a blasting furnace. The heat index today was 110, no clouds in the sky, and what breeze we felt was warm.
Add to it that we reached the sheeting phase of the build, so there was constant nailing going on and no real down time. We are excited by the progress and proud of what we are getting done. We are all still in the same location, and it is so neat to get to know each other while we work.

As hard as we have been working, we have also been playing a lot of card games, especially a game called Mafia. Most days we are finishing before 3 or so, because of the great and how long it takes to get every one showered before dinner.
The food has all tasted SO good, partly because we are working so hard and partly because the Weddle/Collins cook team is amazing! I can't imagine how much food they have to fix. Last night they said it took 5 pounds of noodles and 10 pounds of meat for our spaghetti dinner, not to mention all the salad, bread, and Little Debbie snacks.

Big thanks to all our support, both here and at home!

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