Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mission trip day 4: Interior Walls!

We have been here long enough that we are forgetting what day it is. We are also forgetting to put on make up. We are generally forgetting the formalities reserved for folks you only see on Sunday and getting to the fun of feeling like a family. We are getting to know each other.

We are also getting to see a house grow. We are getting to put up interior WALLS and the supervisor brought over the supplies for building a ROOF!

We are having dinner with the bishop and the cannon tonight....and most exciting to or hungry group, we just got the announcement that we can have 3 pieces of bead with our a spaghetti diner! SCORE!

We are having fun and we are making a difference in the life of the family who will get our house, but we are also making a coffee in our own lives.

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