Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sculpting Sand and Other Stuff at the Beach!

 We have fallen into a pretty good routine of beach time in the morning, pool time before lunch, rest time after lunch, and sometimes more pool time before dinner.  The kids would rather spend ALL DAY at the pool, but we have managed to distract them with massive sand construction projects. 
 PJ worked with "the girls" on a large castle/hole/creation the other day.  Lydia managed to keep stepping on/in it so it kept morphing in design, but who cares.  The kids were busy and having fun.
 Lydia liked seeing a hole and throwing sand into the hole that everyone else was digging out.
At some point, the hole morphed into a beach chair, made out of the beach.....complete with a cup holder!  Clever Daddy!
And so the kids continued digging. And digging.  And digging.  Pretty much until we said "Who wants to go to the pool?"  Then all projects were immediately abandoned in favor of clearer water.

Back at the condo, the carving didn't stop as PJ practiced carving a watermelon for Lydia's ocean themed "turning 3, under the sea" birthday party.  Ouch, reminds me that I still have some party details to pull together before next week.  At least I am surrounded by tons of sea themed inspiration.

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