Monday, June 13, 2011

At the BEACH!!!

We drove through the wee hours of Saturday morning to arrive at the Emerald Coast of Florida (Pan Handle, Gulf of Mexico area) just after lunch time. 
 We were able to get right into our condo (sometimes not ready until late afternoon) and right onto the beach.
 Lydia would rather be in the pool than in the beach, but she has enjoyed building and knocking down sandcastles with the other kids.
 She is also enjoying wearing goggles!  I think  she looks like one of those old fashioned steam punk motorcycle drivers with the hat and the goggles, but she loves them and I insist she stay out of the sun.... so there you go!
 The goggles even made an appearance at dinner the other day.  Not exactly proper dinner attire, but who cares.... we are at the BEACH!!!!

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