Friday, June 17, 2011

Photoshoots at the Beach!

 Last year was our first year going to this particular beach.  We found this great local seafood place, Nicks, that is so far off the beaten path it is referred to as "Nick's in the Sticks."  It is the kind of place where the staff call the regulars by name, they serve amazing local seafood, there is a view of the water, and there was NO WAIT!  They also had this old boat down by the water, perfect for a beachy photo shoot.  All of this was a complete and blessed surprise last year.  This year was equally wonderful and I think our picture turned out great.
Above is the picture of all the girls this year.

 I couldn't resist comparing it with last year's picture.  Apparently, they added a white boat this year.  I didn't remember two last time, but I could have been mistaken.

Here are Kelly's girls this year and a picture below from last year.
 Back to this year, here is a good one of Sophie and Lydia hugging.  It is so nice that these kids get along and look out for each other.  This was the first year that Lydia was kind of one of the kids, running upstairs to play on their own and generally just having fun.
 A few more of Lydia by herself with the boat. 
 Not much photo-shopping needed on these pictures.  I bumped up the brightness and the contrast just a little.  I have also been playing with the lens flare (filters, render, then lens flair).  It just seemed to fit these sunny beachy pictures and I really like the round solar flare details that popped up in random places.
So, tonight we are packing and driving home tomorrow.  It has been a wonderful trip, SUCH a WONDERFUL trip! I am so happy to have these pictures (and many more that I will share soon) to look back on when school starts and the weather turns cold.

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