Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Prettier Way to Google

 Do you Google?  I do!  Every. Single. Day.  (Usually several times a day)  I love how quickly you can get an answer and I love hearing my sister talk about what her corporate work world job was like before and after Google.  I suppose I take for granted all the technology and such.  I enjoy the Google Doodles, but mostly I have become accustomed to that crisp clean white screen with the multi colored logo, that is the homepage on most of the computers (and now the smart phone) I use.

 Did you know that you could customize that plain white screen?  The other day I noticed that thing in the bottom left hand corner of the Google screen that said something about changing the background.  When you click on it, you get several professional looking pictures to choose from.  I even think you can search through the pictures, but their is also an option to browse your computer and add your own image to your Google screen.

 You can upload a favorite photo, as I did above, but keep in mind that the format for the page stays the same.  Google will now be written in white, but the logo and search box will remain in the center of the image.  Not exactly aesthetically pleasing and totally throwing off the composition of one of my favorite pictures.
Suddenly it occurred to me the the background pictured above, free courtesy of The Background Fairy,  the one I just used for the new blog layout is just a JPEG image.  So Google let me upload my blog background to be my Google background!   
I LOVE that the Background Fairy images are already blank in the center, because that is where all the "stuff" on a blog goes, so the Google "stuff" doesn't get lost, but also doesn't get in the way. Mostly I LOVE that I have a custom Google homepage that is totally ME, and automatically associated with my Google log in so available to me on any computer.  Thanks Google and thanks Background Fairy!

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