Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer is HERE!!!

 Last weekend was Memorial Day, for most people the official start of summer.  We had an opportunity to go to Dollywood with some friends and their kids.  It was Lydia's first time and she LOVED all the rides.

 She especially liked the car driving ride and the fact that SHE got to drive.

 She even went on the kid sized roller coaster with Daddy (which she now pronounces Diyaddy with a little southern twang)!
It was outrageously hot, so we left the park after a late lunch and headed to a friend's house for a dip in their pool.  We had such a great time last weekend!  Unfortunately, when the weekend ended I still had a week of school ahead of me.... and Lydia got strep throat... and PJ has had to work double shifts outside in record breaking heat, but that is done now.  I am officially finished with students.  I am cleaning and closing up my classroom early next week.  PJ still has to work overtime outside and it is still really really hot, but it is summer and we are preparing for our beach trip, and Lydia's party, and my mission trip to South Dakota, and hopefully lots of other great stuff to report on later.  Memorial Day was great, but for me THIS is the start of summer and I am so excited!

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