Friday, June 24, 2011

Party Planning in the Dark!

The week before Lydia's party is always crunch time for me. Usually, I have just barely finished school for the summer when we leave for the beach, putting me home with just one week to get everything together. This year I had strep throat the last week of school, so NOTHING was accomplished before the beach. I jumped into birthday mode  after we returned (to  a very rainy Knoxville) on Sunday. The rain continued, the wis picked up and Tuesday more than half of the city (65%) lost power.  I spent Wednesday and Thursday producing my to do list by what did not need power and thinking it would come on at any moment.  I painted picture frames (in the dark), I made Lydia's yearly scrap book (in the dark) and I crafted some hair accessories (pictured the dark). I also scratched a LOT off of my to do list because it just want possible.  It is now Friday and my neighborhood is still in the dark. Thankfully, Lydia's daycare did not loose power. My mom got in mid week and she has power. We think our venue for her party has power (so glad we didn't plan this one for our house!) So we have been able to manage, but the lack of per has been a major bummer. Everything takes extra thought and time because I am either working in the not so bright rainy day light on my studio, our trying to take EVERY tool and supply for a project across town to my moms place. Inevitably I forget some key ingredient and everything gets more challenging. Adding more fun, I an leaving on a week long mission trip TOMORROW! I need to pack but that is proving difficult in the dark! Think kind thoughts for all the KUB folks trying to fix our power. Fingers crossed that we aren't heading into a long dark weekend.

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