Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today's Tea Party Pictures

So I have some ideas for Lydia's birthday that require a picture of her. We may still visit our favorite JC Penney's studio, but I end up hauling SO much stuff in for our pictures, and I DO have a camera, and I AM an artsy person, and I DID like the idea of these pictures being outside, and I WILL need to photo shop the it looked like I was planning our first do-it-yourself photo shoot. So I needed an outfit and I liked that I made Lydia's birthday outfit last year. More on the dress in a later post. Needless to say, I was rushing to finish it this week in addition to rushing to finish the teapot and rushing to finish the invitations. Notice a trend? Anyway, this morning it wasn't raining AND my husband was around to help watch Lydia AND we had a few hours before church AND the dog was being set up a tea party, outside, and took 235 pictures of Lydia and the dog and the tea stuff. I also got something like 235 bug bites! Now I am on picture overload! There are some REALLY cute shots and some that I may tinker together in photo shop to get exactly what I need, but for now I have taken too many pictures and looked at too many pictures and I am about to begin photo shopping too many pictures, so I kind of can't see them anymore with any objectivity. I'm just going to post a few here, un-retouched because who KNOWS when I will finish that process! ENJOY! And let me know what your favorites are. My brain can't process them anymore!

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RCochran said...

235!!! Wow, Cheryl. I thought we took a lot of Adeline but you just topped any of my photo shoots. I love that they are outside...the colors look so good. Good luck with the editing (that is one thing I haven't gotten into yet).