Saturday, May 1, 2010

Liddy at the car show

PJ wanted to take Lydia to the car show. He stayed up very late last night and put the finishing touches on her super retro, pin striped peddle car/stroller. I kept telling him it wasn't important and he needed to rest. I hate that I got a good night's sleep and he didn't, but I am SO glad he finished the car.
She looks SO cute in it! Little boys watched as she passed by with jealous looks on their faces.

Older couples smiled, took pictures, asked where we got it. It was like walking in our own little parade. PJ attached a bar and handle so we pushed it kind of like a stroller. It has a few steering issues that need to be worked out before the next show, but he did such a good job on the peddle car.
Here is one more of PJ's creations. The owner of this car is Australian, so PJ had to really make sure that all the stars and stripes were in the right order.What can I say, he is super talented and Lydia and I are lucky to have him in our lives.

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Connie said...

She is the coolest kid ever, because she has such cool parents!