Friday, May 21, 2010

This Week....

This week has flown by. I only have one more "real" week of teaching left and then we get a long Memorial Day weekend and return to work for one day to clean the art room and three days of exams. Then one teacher workday and I will be on summer vacation!

Of course that also means that any art projects that I want to complete at school need to be finished soon. Especially if they are made of clay and need a week to dry and then need to be fired in the kiln, and then need to be glazed and then fired again. i may already be out of time for this, but I really want to make a teapot to go with the 2 teacups I made for Lydia's Mad Hatter birthday tea party.

My idea was to build the house that Alice grows too big and gets stuck inside. I have spent 2 planning periods on it so far at the point that you see it here. It has already undergone renovations as it originally had a second story, but was WAY too big. Now it is just awfully big for a teapot. It looks more like a cookie jar in size, a large cookie jar! It is scheduled to get Alice's arms reaching out of windows on the sides to become the handle and the spout (pretty much like in the song "I'm a little teapot") I suppose if that fails, Lydia will have 2 teacups and a cookie jar. Hey, I like cookies with my tea!

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