Thursday, May 27, 2010

My classroom

PJ and Lydia stopped by my classroom last Friday. Lydia and I were heading directly from school to Chattanooga, so Daddy and daughter had a play date at the park while saving me a trip to daycare. Lydia had a lot of fun with a mask that I brought home from Japan.
Other than that my classroom is a flurry of students trying to finish projects. only this year I am also hurrying to meet a deadline. The 2 teacups need to be glazed and cooked. I wanted to do a multi-layered glazing, requiring multiple firings, but somehow while telling my students that they only have a few days left to finish their work, I forgot that the same deadline applies to me too! So, the teacups got a quick coating of color today.
The pictures came out blurry and were taken before I put the color on, but I was SO happy with the effect of the wash of black in the crevices! I think paint washes are my favorite art trick. I am constantly trying to convince my students to slap a layer of dark paint on their work and then wash it off!

Sadly, the house may not be finished in time for Lydia's party. It now has a handle and a spout, made out of Alice's arms, just like in the song, I'm A Little Teapot"! I only have a few details to add, so the good news is it WILL be finished and it WILL be a teapot (not a large cookie jar) but it needs to dry slowly and then get cooked and painted and cooked again. Here she is today. Her "handle" hand is holding the "eat me" cookie. her "spout" hand is holding the "drink me" cup. Can you see her legs folded up inside the house? If not, they will be more apparent once the paint is added. Finger's crossed that it all survives the kiln!

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