Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tea with Buckley

I couldn't resist. I have been letting Lydia play with her "birthday" tea set since it arrived in the mail. I am so happy with it and SO glad it is plastic. She has a nasty habit of dumping all the pieces out of the box. We will be lucky if she hasn't lost all the pieces before her birthday. Hopefully enough can survive to at least get some official birthday "Alice in Wonderland" themed tea party portrait pictures taken before her birthday. Who knows. For now we have learned that Ritz crackers are the perfect tea "cookie" for the tiny plates. Fortunately we also learned that buttery Ritz contain no real butter, so they are Lydia approved. We also realized that Buckley likes Ritz crackers and he will even attend a toddler's tea party to get his paws on one.
Hmm. It doesn't really look like Lydia is sharing. Hopefully Buckley won't mind getting the crumbs!

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