Monday, May 31, 2010

The Invites Are Going Out!

One of my goals for this weekend was to finish the invitations to Lydia's Mad Hatter Tea for 2 party. Done and DONE! The invites themselves have been designed for a while now. I tend to not want to let go of the minute details and have been obsessing over the exact wording, font size, etc. for weeks now, but the basic idea was in place. I used three different images for the invite. All came from the original illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. Would you believe that the sweet picture of Alice holding a cake originally had a dagger sticking out of it? Not sure what THAT was about! Luckily it was easily removed and replaced with a number 2 candle.
The devil ended up being in the details. I found this image of the fish footman delivering invitations to the Queen's croquet game. The envelope was MUCH smaller and there was some background drawing to get rid of, but it seemed easy enough. Only I started before I owned a copy of Through the Looking Glass or a scanner (Thanks again Jen!) so I was at the mercy of Google images. I kept trying to get a picture to work that had too few pixels and was enlarged too much. Today I went back to the drawing board and scanned the image for myself. It was SO much faster once I had a good quality image to work from.
I was even able to type the addresses into the image so it looks better than my handwriting and it was FINISHED instantly. No waiting for me to write addresses on envelopes. They are stamped and hitting the mail soon. And speaking of mail, wasn't it nice of the US Post Office to join in the fun by making the 2010 LOVE stamp based on the King and Queen of Hearts? How PERFECT is THAT!P.S. If I forgot to send yours (feel free to laugh at me again this year cousin Sarah) I will turn right around and blame the USPS for any mix up!

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