Friday, June 4, 2010

It was fun while it lasted....

According to the allergist, Lydia is officially no longer allergic to milk.

She was initially diagnosed allergic after a bought of GI bleeding at 9 weeks old. After ruling out more serious issues, we were sent on to the allergist, where a skin test confirmed a milk allergy. Later a blood test came back negative for the allergy, so when her recent skin test was also negative, we were given permission to begin re-introducing milk products. However, the allergist was concerned that Lydia may have some other, non-allergy issue with milk, as most milk allergies don't lead to GI bleeding. We were told that those issues would be slower in presentation, so we needed to watch her for a reaction as we added in new foods.

It was SO nice not having an allergy kid. Instead of packing food for any occasion, I got to enjoy letting Lydia eat what ever the other kids were eating and not having to check ingredients. I took her out of town last week and didn't have to pack food for each meal. We ate cupcakes and loved every butter cream filled bite.

And then it happened. Her digestive system rebelled. I will spare you the gory details, but she started having issues about a week after she was on milk. So I started cutting back on her milk intake and the problems only got worse. Because there seems to be a delay or a cumulative factor, I think we are now paying for all the milk she had at the height of our re-introduction. It was fun while it lasted, but milk is not doing Lydia's body good and I will be glad when things return to normal.

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