Friday, April 30, 2010

Ugh! My not-so happy family.

We are all sick! Lydia didn't sleep well for 2 nights early last week. I think she was fighting a bug because soon after PJ and I both came down with awful colds. Lydia had a CT scan last Friday to check out an unrelated concern. It showed she had a sinus infection and she got a really smelly gloppy antibiotic. PJ and I eventually hit that point where we had fought it on our own for too long and went and got antibiotics. PJ had developed bronchitis and double ear infections by then so we are still both exhausted and the house is a mess. We are definitely in survival mode and looking forward to having our heads clear again. While we are waiting to be a normal functioning family again, let me introduce you to the recycled family that one of my classes made for Earth Day.
I thought they would make one figure out of recycled materials and just divide up the work so a few kids made each limb and we put it all together. They got more ambitious than I was and decided to make an entire family. 8 students worked on each and I really let them do whatever they wanted as long as the proportions were correct and it held together. They were LOUD while working, but really impressed me. These are first year high school art students, and many are only here to get their credit and move on. These survived 2 car rides and entire day on display at the local Earth Day Festival and are still together. Good work 3rd period!

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