Friday, April 16, 2010

2 Teacups

Every now and again, my students will be in the middle of a project, my papers are graded, and I am able to pull out some art materials and make something. My kids are always amazed that their art teacher actually MAKES stuff. I suppose their other teachers don't often get to show their skills, but I remember my art teacher making stuff in class too and was inspired by it. Last month I got an idea for an Alice in Wonderland themed tea set. I have been looking for a play tea set to get Lydia for her birthday and either don't like or LOVE but can't afford what I am finding. SO this elaborate idea popped into my head and I am about finished with the first part, 2 tea cups.

One is from the mysterious garden where Alice meets the Caterpillar and the talking flowers.

The handle is a vine and there was just enough room on the cup to include the garden door.

The second tea cup has the Mad Hatter's hat caught on a branch.

Sitting on a different branch is the Cheshire Cat. This cup just went into the ceramics kiln. Hopefully there aren't any explosions (sometimes air bubbles are in the clay and they expand in the heat) and I will be able to paint the cups next week. Keep your finger's crossed!

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