Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank You Teachers...(and thank you pinterest!)

I saw this idea from Southern Vogue on Pinterest and had it in mind for a sweet gift for Lydia's teacher and the folks who watch her before and after school.  Then I found out that this week was teacher appreciation week and it was the preschool's turn to bring treats for all the teacher's in the school.  Apparently next time around it will be the older grades.  
Making something for all the teachers meant I needed 25 instead of just 4 or 5, BIG difference!  I took today off from work to get things in order for Witches Brew on Saturday, so I figured I could give it a try.
I had to go shopping for party supplies anyways, so I bought graham crackers, peeps, and small Hersey's bars.
Luckily, I already had some clear bags in my studio that were just the right size.  First I broke the graham crackers in half and put them in the bag.  Next I put the marshmallow in.  I showed it differently in the picture, because that is how I did it the first few times, but the marshmallows were often sticky on the edges and so it worked better to put them in before the bag got crowded.  Last I put the chocolate bar in.
I made a little assembly line and it was going really smoothly until I ran out of bags.  I really wanted one for each teacher so I looked around my kitchen and found some snack sized zip lock bags.  
The snack bags were longer than the original bags so they held one graham cracker without breaking it.  So I put in the cracker, then the chocolate, then the marshmallow.  The snack bags weren't such a tight fit, so the order didn't matter as much.
Almost finished.  I wanted to put a printed message with each 'smore.  Here is what I came up with:
Here is the same tag on the snack sized bags.  If I had more time, I could have come up with a longer tag for teh longer bag, but I had too much to do today already!
Here are the two sizes side by side.
Finally, I needed to put them in something to deliver them to school.  I didn't want the crackers getting broken before anyone got their treat.  I found a random gift bag and I had some polka dot tissue paper.
The bag was from a make-up company where a friend works, so it had the company name and my name on it.  No problem, I just printed the label extra big and taped it over the company name.  Then I tied some curling ribbon to the front and it hid my name.  I am so happy with them, I wish I had "some more" so I could keep one!


Jenilee said...

I love this!!! We're s'more junkies, this is adorable! I was trying to come up with a small,cute wedding favor for us next summer (we're donating to a charity for our favor). It's the weekend after the 4th of July and s'more are synonymous with July 4th! Perfect. Cute. Lovely. THANKS!

deedo said...

How cute! I'm a teacher, and plan to make this for the teachers/aides at our school as a 'pick me up'