Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Changes EVERYTHING!

Can I just say that, other than often having a REALLY cute little girl as the subject matter, I have HATED almost everything about the photos on my blog lately!  It all started when I got a new computer and therefore have not been lugging home my work computer (the one that has my copy of Photo shop on it)  I need to install the software on the new computer but there have been SO many issues with it being windows 8 and everything else in my life being older technology.
Anyway, in the meantime I have gotten really used to the convenience of just using my cell phone camera.  Some times I am able to position myself so that the light is coming in just fine and it doesn't really matter.  Most of the time, and especially for blog tutorials, I am in my studio late at night and the lighting is not so great.  I had searched before for photo editing software and not found much that I felt would work.  Maybe I wasn't searching for the right phrases or maybe what I needed wasn't on the Android system yet. I was ready to buy a better phone or pay really good money app money (like maybe FIVE DOLLARS!) for a good program.

I decided to check the Android App Marketplace one last time and found... ADOBE PHOTO SHOP!!!! I used it on the picture above and it made SUCH a difference!!! This is a scaled down phone version so no fancy bells and whistles, but it is intuitive, especially if you are used to the full program.  The best news is it is FREE!!!!  I think you will notice much brighter and better looking pictures from here on out.  I LOVE that it automatically syncs with my photos, so I don't have to import or export them to and from photo shop.  you can see the picture while you adjust the values and most things adjust by sliding your finger from left to right.  Slide it too far and you just slide back.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and can't believe I didn't find it sooner!  So, what other amazing apps am I not aware of?

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