Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zombie Brains!

Back to the Halloween Party Posts!  This year I made zombie brains in addition to melon brains.  I still had the plastic skull cups that I found at Walmart last year.  I am glad I saved them because I haven't seen anything similar this year.  Last year I filled them with brain cupcakes. This year I made Jello shot brains!
Even I admit that looks GROSS!  My sister made red jello (adding a few adult ingredients in place of some of the water).  We let it begin setting up in the refrigerator and then stirred in cool whip after it started getting firm.  I tried adding the whipped topping at various stages, some while it was pretty liquidy and some after it set up more.  The set up jello made the red clots while the liquid jello mixed with the white whipped cream making a pink foam.
Spoon it into the skull cups an serve with a spoon.  Them's GOOD brains!

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